Aluminum Die Casting for Excavator Parts


ZBCX has been providing innovative aluminum die casting solutions for excavator manufacturers over the past few years. Nowadays,more and more companies have switched over to aluminum as the primary material to make the excavator parts.

We offer premium aluminum die castings for the following excavator parts:

*Aluminum die casting panel

*Air conditioning cover

*Lighting housing

*Aluminum carriage

Aluminum die casting parts have a wide range of application in excavator. Our capabilities provide customized aluminum casting excavator parts to your exact specifications.


The Benefits of Aluminum Die Casting Parts For Excavator


Aluminum die cast excavator parts are gradually becoming popular in its industry because of energy saving ideal.

Aluminum is a wiser choice because as compared to other alloys and metals, some parts made of aluminum is almost one-third in weight.

Now lighter is what the companies are aiming at and that is what they are getting by using aluminum die casting.

Aluminum die casting excavator parts are approximately one-third lighter than parts made from steel and a lighter truck offers increased fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.


As an economical production process, high pressure aluminum die casting is widely used for production of common machinery parts, especially for large demand and no load requirement parts such as housing and covers. Those kinds of die cast machinery parts mainly include gearbox, coupling, gear bracket, housing and covers etc. Such die cast machinery parts will be assembled into other organs, thus it is critical to pay attention to their connecting surfaces.




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