Reducer Gearbox

Aluminum Casting Parts for Gearbox

Aluminum casting is widely used for production of common machinery parts, especially for housing and covers. Those kinds of cast machinery parts mainly include gearbox, coupling, gear bracket, housing and covers etc. Such cast machinery parts will be assembled into other organs, thus it is critical to pay attention to their connecting surfaces.

ZBCX has been supplying certain type TCW125 of aluminum casting parts for customers. TCW125

Is one type reduction gears applied on construction hoist. The parts we have been produced include gearbox housing,bracket flange,cover,fan support.

Advantage of Aluminum Cast Housing

Aluminum cast motor housings are now popular for electrical motor manufacturers. Compared with iron cast housings, aluminum cast ones have many advantages, such as light weight, low noise, low cost and high yield.

*Light weight: because of low weight of aluminum alloy, the cast motor housing is lighter than common iron cast housings.

*Low noise: The aluminum cast housing can have more flexible design as reduces its noise considerably.

*Fine conductivity: Aluminum alloy has fine heat conductivity, as facilitates the whole function of motors.

*Low cost: Aluminum alloy is cheaper, furthermore the mass production of aluminum casting process can reduce unit price a lot. 

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